How to get access to Premium A+ content on Amazon?

Amazon announced in August 2022 that it would be opening up its Premium A+ content feature to sellers, however months on from the initial announcement, many sellers are still wondering how to get access to this.

Firstly, what is Premium A+ content and why was this a big announcement?

If you’ve ever bought anything on Amazon, the likelihood is the listing that you bought from had A+ content uploaded to it – however Premium A+ content is different to standard A+ content.

Amazon’s standard A+ content feature allows brand owners to select between 5-7 modules (this can vary between accounts) from Amazon’s pre-defined templates. The most advanced that this gets is allowing sellers to use their own graphics, copy and link to other listings within the same brand.

Premium A+ content opens a whole new world for brands by offering additional modules such as video and FAQs. This was previously only available to vendors who had to pay tens of thousands to gain access and brands part of programs such as Amazon Launchpad.

What are the conversion rate differences between standard A+ and Premium A+?

Many Amazon agencies will revert to Amazon’s own publicised conversion rate data when it comes to analysing the uplift that adding A+ content can bring. Standard A+ content can increase conversion rates between 3-10%, whilst Premium A+ content can increase conversion rates by up to 20%.

From our own internal data, our A+ content design services have helped to increase brands conversion rates by an average of 18%.

Does Premium A+ content cost?

At the moment, no. Currently access to Premium A+ content for eligible brands is free. It is likely that Amazon will introduce a fee for this at some point, although Amazon have confirmed that you will not be charged for any Premium A+ content added during this promotional period.

However, it is important to note that this feature is in a promotional period for a reason:

  1. Amazon will be evaluating the impact of allowing some sellers to access this feature. First and foremost, Amazon want to provide consumers with the best possible shopping experience.
  2. Amazon will weigh up the positive impact that Premium A+ content can have versus the income it would generate from sellers.

So, how do I get access to Premium A+ content?

You are probably wondering by now, how do I actually get access to this feature? Let’s assume you are brand registered, currently using standard A+ content but have not been given access yet by Amazon.

  1. Brand Story – First, you need to ensure that you have uploaded a Brand Story to all of your ASINs. Our recommendation is to create a Brand Story design and apply it to all ASINs in your catalogue, even if this is a temporary solution. You can upload the ASINs in bulk through an upload to save you manually adding these.
  2. A+ content – You will then need to have at least 15 A+ content submissions that have been approved within the last 12 months. If your products are older than 12 months, our advice is to change these slightly so that they go through the approval process again and fall into the window that Amazon look back at.

Amazon checks at the beginning of each month which brands are eligible to gain access to the Premium A+ content feature. They will notify you if they have given you access to this upgrade, and you will see a banner within the A+ content manager page notifying you of this. It’s important to note that raising tickets with seller support will not help speed this process up.

Need support from Amazon experts to create your A+ content?

We work with leading FMCG brands manage every aspect of Amazon. This includes optimising listings to ensure that they’re converting as many customers that land on their page as possible. If you need support designing your A+ content, get in touch with our team today who would be happy to go through your project requirements!