Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP)

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that allows advertisers to programmatically buy advertisement placements to reach new and existing audiences both on and off Amazon. It helps to target prospective buyers become more familiar with your brand and product range.

Benefits of using DSP


Large Audience

It allows you to get your products and brand in front of huge audiences both on and off Amazon's platforms.

Advanced Targeting

It allows you to target users based on their demographic, to products that they have recently viewed.

Brand Safety

Amazon monitors everything from real-time bids to advertised sites to ensure maximum safety for brands using DSP.

Why partner with us?


Flexible Spending

Most brands are required to invest a minimum of £10k per month into DSP, however as an Amazon DSP partner you can define your own budget.


Weekly Reporting

Our team provide you with weekly data reports so you understand the current position at all times, making budgeting much easier.


Account Manager

All DSP advertising accounts are assigned an advertising manager who is there to discuss everything relating to your account at all times.


Maximise Results

We look to maximise your ROI by consistently optimising your DSP campaigns to ensure the best possible results, not the highest spend.

Let’s kickstart your DSP journey

If you’re looking to expand your Amazon advertising reach to both on-and-off-platform advertising, we can support with your DSP campaign strategy, launch and ongoing management.

Contact our team who will be able to discuss your brands current position, how DSP could support your growth and what the next steps would be.