Expand your brand into Europe

Broadening your brand’s reach into further European marketplaces can be a daunting but extremely rewarding exercise. From logistical support to the execution of our strategic marketing plan – we work with you to ensure that you get every step of your expansion right.

Our expansion services



We work with you to ensure that your products are compliant across the marketplaces they're being sold in.


We have the ability to store, prepare and ship units from our Lüneburg warehouse in Germany.


We create and perfectly execute an advertising strategy that focuses on accelerated growth.

Content Optimisation

We create engaging content in localised languages that converts browsers into customers.

Market and competitor research

Using our software insights and marketplace experience, we can accurately undertake market research to help you understand

Tap into a huge market

Amazon is continuously expanding its reach within Europe. If you have not considered expansion into this territory, you could be losing millions in annual revenue. We work with you to understand what marketplaces have the highest potential for your category and products, and help you to maximise this to its full potential.

Grow your loyal customer base

We know what it takes to turn first time buyers into loyal customers. We combine our extensive knowledge in Amazon marketing to increase repeat purchases and improve the cross-sell opportunities for your products.

Talk with our Amazon experts

We have been helping brands to expand into European marketplaces for 10 years by giving them a simple route to a huge market. If you are looking to expand your brand beyond the UK or USA marketplace, join the largest brand partner on Amazon.