B2B alternative for Amazon

Managing an Amazon business isn’t always easy – you’re dealing with manufacturing, other retailers, your own website sales and cashflow. We remove these headaches by offering an alternative Vendor Central like solution where we manage the purchasing, logistics, retailing, accounting and operational complexities.

How our retail solution works


We place a purchase order


You ship to our warehouse in bulk


We prepare, ship & sell your products


We market your products to grow sales


We accelerate your brand's growth


We regularly report to you

Benefits of working with us


Larger, less frequent purchase orders

We order in bulk, conforming to your case pack sizes. All you need to do is ship larger purchase orders to our centralised warehouse and let us take care of the rest.

We manage everything

Whether it's Seller Central or Vendor Central, dealing directly with Amazon often comes with its challenges. We manage all of this as part of our partnership, allowing you to grow your brand off-platform.

We proactively grow your sales

We assign an account management and marketing team to your account who are constantly looking for ways to grow your brand and sales on Amazon.

Risk management

By using our retail services you can directly avoid all risks associated with retailing on Amazon directly. In addition, working with us will improve your cashflow.

Our retail statistics

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Why use our retail services?

  • You do not have the in-house resources to manage Amazon

    You do not have the in-house experience, resources or software required to manage an Amazon Seller Central account, the accounting and complexities that these bring.


  • You're currently facing issues with Vendor Central

    You currently sell to Amazon via Vendor Central and are repeatedly facing account, listing or stock issues with no vendor manager to support you and your brand.

  • You lack control of your brand on Amazon

    You sell to multiple 3rd party sellers which gives you little control over your brand, how it’s marketed and the potential consumer dissatisfaction that this can bring.


  • You do not have the warehouse facilities required

    You do not have either the warehouse facilities or warehouse resources required to ship into Amazon’s fulfilment centres whilst optimally managing your Inventory Performance Index score.


  • You prefer the B2B model rather than D2C

    You prefer to sell in bulk to businesses rather than directly to customers and would prefer to receive consistent, larger purchase orders to create less accounting and overhead requirements.


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