Unified Retail Specialises in Amazon Services

Unified Retail Specialises in Amazon Services

When I first joined Unified Retail, I had only experienced Amazon from a consumer point of view and my experience ultimately was brilliant. Amazon loves their customers. Their customer service is second to none, the fact that I can order something and it arrives on my doorstep the same day is ridiculously handy (especially when all of the shops were shut during Covid-19 Lockdown), the no quibble returns policy gives me confidence… but I was to learn a very different side of the Amazon equation…

The Brands’ Perspective.

From a company that makes things so easy for their consumers, it can be a real slog for the brands that are represented on Amazon marketplaces. Very often, whether you like it or not, your brand is represented. If you haven’t been deliberate about how you engage with the platform it’s not uncommon to see brands with out of date images, inaccurate pricing and poorly written marketing text. For brand owners the results can range from annoying to extremely damaging. Amazon listings can undermine customer relationships outside the platform and ultimately the long-term health of a brand. Unless brand owners take control and do this as early as possible, it can be very hard and/or costly to pull back from a listing that’s gone toxic.

Brands tend to sit in one of three categories when it comes to Amazon.

1. Widely available on the marketplace, retailed by numerous small sellers who are often not actually interested in the product. They may have purchased your brand from a wholesaler or even a job lot on Ebay and just want to make a quick buck. They likely have never even spoken to you and they would have absolutely no clue what your aspirations for your business and brand are and let’s be honest why should they? It would be a fair assumption that your brand will not be represented consistently. Sellers sit on your pre-existing market share and do nothing to grow or enhance your brand.

Amazon Account Management

2. You manage your own Amazon account. You are the only retailer selling your product. You have complete control. Not uncommonly, this is how new brands start out. It is an exciting time and if managed correctly, with the right business partnerships, it needn’t slip away from this ideal. However, the challenges and complexities of growth cause their own business stresses. Grappling with supply chains and complex trade account arrangements often pull brands away from their core skill sets, their knowledge base and what they actually enjoy doing. Dealing with Amazon in this way is complex, time-consuming, expensive and often exasperating. It can require specific expertise to get it right and costly mistakes are common.

Amazon Vendor / Seller Acounts

3. You employ Amazon Vendor to do the work for you. They have the expertise, they may even ensure you have great brand representation on your listings, but this only truly works as a 2-way partnership for a few large brands, such as Bose or Sony. If you don’t fall into this category, then control is an issue. Amazon is bothered about directing traffic to their platform, which means they will always price match customers outside the platform. This can undermine business relations in other channels as you can never offer them exclusive promotions. Amazon effectively ends up being always on a price promotion as it matches promotions in retail, your own website, practitioners and other digital partners at any given moment. Customer price expectations are often lowered and the brand devalued.


4. Work with an Amazon services specialist. This is where Unified Retail comes in.

Unified Retail Specialises Amazon Services

We offer:

  • Complete Control
  • Optimised Listings
  • Accurate Representation
  • Ensured Brand Value
  • Enhanced Marketing Options
  • Expert Advice
  • Risk Mitigation
  • A Dedicated Account Manager
  • Detailed Data Insight

Whilst also dramatically reducing overheads and reducing, if not entirely removing, the complexities of selling on Amazon – surely it’s a no-brainer?

Unified Retail specialise in the retail and promotion of brands on the Amazon UK and EU platforms (for the last 15 years) and are the largest FBA retailer in our respective categories in the UK. We work closely with the brands that we partner with to formulate a strategy which aligns with the business goals as a whole. This ensures that we are not only accurately representing them on the Amazon marketplaces but also protecting their other routes to market and long term health.

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