Storefront Creation on Amazon

Storefront Creation on Amazon

Operating in the digital space, away from a cobbled stones of a local high street, it’s crucial for brands on Amazon to create a branded storefront online to still provide any potential customers with a window shopping experience you might typically expect in the real-world, albeit virtually.

However, Amazon Storefronts aren’t for everybody and the option is currently only available to brands that are enrolled with the company’s brand registry. But don’t worry, if you aren’t already registered, we can help you along with the process before assisting you in creating the most enticing storefront for your brand.

An Amazon Storefront is essentially your own branded part of the Amazon store which enables brands you to showcase products away from the distraction of competitors. That’s right, no more fighting for the top product spot, but a sanctuary away from the results page where brands and products can be themselves!

How do you find an Amazon Storefront?

For every product listed under the brand name there is a link to direct consumers through to the brand’s storefront. As seen here in at the top of one of our current brand partner pages:

Amazon storefront St Eval Detail page

Once clicked upon, users are re-directed to the storefront of the brand which allows businesses to take control and regain their brand identity on Amazon, providing a shopping experience for customers which closely resembles that of their own website.

The benefits of a storefront allows businesses and brands to showcase its entire product range in a way that communicates the specific brand values, identity and story that upholds the organisation and its products.

For example, we have helped our brand partner – St Eval – to produce an engaging and informative branded storefront that successfully communicates their company’s message, history and motivations that helps to separate them from the market and differentiate themselves from competitors on the platform:

Amazon storefront St Eval

Branded storefronts have become so effective and efficient in providing a different experience for potential customers that a large proportion of advertising campaigns focus entirely on generating traffic to branded stores, proving to be an effective way to attract ‘new-to-brand’ customers. Making use of these tools on Amazon and carefully crafting your brand message is now a crucial part of brand success as well as strengthening your off-Amazon brand strategy.

But how do I make the most of the Storefront opportunity?

Simple. Just contact our Amazon experts today for more info. However, to get your thinking caps on and get cracking before we speak, here are some top tips to make your stand-out storefront a success:

  • Choose a Style: There are a range of layouts and styles available to brands when creating a page. Try to pick one that best suits the tone and look of your brand, do you want to tell a story? Do you want to highlight a hero product? Do you want to showcase your entire range? Decide which best suits your brand!
  • Imagery: As you’ll know, a picture paints 1,000 words, so getting your brand imagery is crucial to making your store engaging. Ensuring imagery is consistent with your own website helps to tells your brand story. Images can evoke emotion and intrigue which could be the difference that helps to convince a customer to invest in your goods.
    • Video? If your imagery is already in tiptop condition, try incorporating a short video that showcases the best of your brand to help bring the product range to life.
  • Written Copy: Where imagery can’t tell the full story, written copy can help fill in the gaps to help sell the product and brand to consumers. Copy should be emotive and descriptive, helping to add value and up-sell the positives that separate the product from competitors.
    • Benefits: Always highlight any benefits that might help sway the consumer purchase decision. For example, a ‘climate friendly pledge’ or ‘money back guarantee’ could add to the products competitive edge.
    • Tone: Keep on brand with your written copy to help get across your brand story and values while showcasing your personality ensuring that copy is in-line with your target audience and consumer demographic.
    • Keep It Punchy: Ideally in under 1000 words you should describe how your brand began, what makes it tick and what your key values are. Keep it short, sharp, engaging and brimming with personality. You can even utilise bullet points if necessary!
  • Link, Link, Link: Ensure any image placements have interactive tiles so when a consumer clicks on it, they are led through to the product it is showing. This is more likely to encourage the consumer to make a purchase.

What are the next steps in Storefront creation?

We’ve given you some of the tools to success, but storefront creation can be a tricky science for even the seasoned of Amazon sellers. As Amazon experts with years of experience, knowledge and an inside track from our Dedicated Amazon Account Manager, we can ensure your product is placed, priced and positioned to maximise retail and commercial success.

With a network of over 1,000,000 customers, completing a sale every 30 seconds and drivings millions of additional £££s in revenue to our client’s bottom line, brand performance on Amazon is our lifeblood and we’re dedicated to maximising brand performance and value.

Take the next step and get in touch with our team of Amazon experts to see how we can help you ace the creation of your Amazon Storefront.

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