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We place regular purchase orders and ensure 100% Amazon coverage so all prospective customers can always find your products.

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You do not have the in-house experience, resources or software required to manage an Amazon Seller Central account, the accounting and complexities that these bring.

You currently sell to Amazon via Vendor Central and are repeatedly facing account, listing or stock issues with no vendor manager to support you and your brand.

You sell to multiple 3rd party sellers which gives you little control over your brand, how it’s marketed and the potential consumer dissatisfaction that this can bring.

You do not have either the warehouse facilities or warehouse resources required to ship into Amazon’s fulfilment centres whilst optimally managing your Inventory Performance Index score.

You prefer to sell in bulk to businesses rather than directly to customers and would prefer to receive consistent, larger purchase orders to create less accounting and overhead requirements.

WHy partner with Unified Retail?

We're the largest Amazon Retail partner in the UK, working with brands of all sizes to maximise their Amazon sales through our tech-driven business model.

We take full responsibility for the stock that we purchase from you.
We manage your listings, the sales and the accounting via our own Seller Central account.
We have a German business and warehouse to make expanding into the EU a simple task.
We are enrolled into the largest paid Amazon account management program with quicker issue resolution.
Your amazon partner

How our Retail partnership works

1) We Buy Your Products

Using our in-house software, we forecast the demand for your products and send purchase orders to you. As we sell these units, we will place further purchase orders for your products.

2) You Ship Your Products

You ship your products in bulk to our central warehouse location, where we quality control every unit to ensure they are in perfect condition and ready to be shipped to Amazon.

3) We Prepare, Ship & Sell Your Products

Using our seller account which boasts 15+ years of history and 130,000+ seller feedback ratings, we sell your products whilst ensuring optimal stock levels.

4) We Market Your Products

Our team of Amazon marketing experts can help to create a tailored marketing strategy to help drive your brand forward and increase sales.

5) We Accelerate Your Brand's Growth

Selling products is one thing, however, we help to identify new product and marketplace expansion opportunities to ensure that we're always driving your brand's awareness and sales forward.

We work with all Brands

Marketing Partnership

Our team creates and manages advertising campaigns to accelerate your brand’s growth and support with Copywriting, A+ Content, Storefront Creation and Video Creation.

amazon retailer storefront

REtail Partnership

We purchase stock from you and sell through our own Seller Central account, managing the entirety of the supply chain process to get your brand’s products live.

Account Management Partnership

We take full control of your Seller Central and/or Vendor Central account, including advertising campaign management, account health issues, listing optimisation and support case management.

Logistics Partnership

We receive, store, prepare and despatch your products from either our UK or German warehouse, ensuring full compliance with Amazon’s inbound policies.

Talk with our Retail team

If our expertise in growing brands on Amazon is of interest to you, contact our retail team below who will be able to arrange a call or meeting.

What to expect:

We will reach out to you to confirm that we have received your request and to arrange a video call. We will use this opportunity to better understand your brand, your visions and how we feel that we can support you to accelerate your brand's growth on Amazon.

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