Amazon Logistics & FBA Preparation Partner

We receive, store, prepare and ship your goods into Amazon’s fulfilment centres around the UK.


You do not have the warehousing facilities to store, prepare or ship products into Amazon’s fulfilment centres on demand.

You are looking to reduce your overheads and only pay for warehousing services on demand rather than fixed monthly costs.

Your product requires complex FBA preparation before it can be shipped to Amazon’s fulfilment centres and you need a partner who can do this on your behalf.

Your products are manufactured outside of the UK and you need the FBA preparation and storage facilities to allow you to do business in the UK.

Your existing warehouse facilities only deals with large, fewer outbound shipments rather than the frequent, smaller shipments required for Amazon.

We're the largest Amazon Retail partner in the UK, working with brands of all sizes to maximise their Amazon sales through our tech-driven business model.

We currently ship over 15,000 units per day into Amazon’s fulfilment centres.
We have over 15 years of experience utilising Amazon’s FBA model and understand the inbounding requirements.
We have the warehousing space to store both short-term and long-term pallets.
We work directly with some of the largest UK brands to take away the logistical headaches of shipping into Amazon.
A logistics account manager assigned to your account.
Your amazon partner

How our FBA prep Service works

1) You Ship Your Product to Us

Once we have onboarded you, we set your products up within our system. You then tell us when and how much of each product you are shipping to us.

2) We Quality Control Each Unit

We receive your products at our central warehouse location. Upon receipt of your products, we quality control check each unit to ensure that they can be shipped into Amazon's fulfilment centres.

3) We Ship to Amazon

Based on your instructions, we will ship your units out to Amazon's fulfilment centres, ensuring that each unit is prepped as required, including labelling, bubble wrapping and poly-bagging.

4) We Provide you with Stock Reports

We provide you with regular stock reports including the details of the products that we have in stock. This can then help you to understand if more units need to be shipped in to our central warehouse.

We work with all Brands

Marketing Partnership

Our team creates and manages advertising campaigns to accelerate your brand’s growth and support with Copywriting, A+ Content, Storefront Creation and Video Creation.

amazon retailer storefront

REtail Partnership

We purchase stock from you and sell through our own Seller Central account, managing the entirety of the supply chain process to get your brand’s products live.

Account Management Partnership

We take full control of your Seller Central and/or Vendor Central account, including advertising campaign management, account health issues, listing optimisation and support case management.

Logistics Partnership

We receive, store, prepare and despatch your products from either our UK or German warehouse, ensuring full compliance with Amazon’s inbound policies.


We have been using Amazon's FBA model for 15 years. If you are looking to work with one of the largest businesses shipping into Amazon's fulfilment centres, request a meeting with our Logistics team.​

What to expect:

We will reach out to you to confirm that we have received your request and to arrange a video call. We will use this opportunity to better understand your brand, your visions and how we feel that we can support you to optimise your business's logistics.

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