Is Your Brand Fully Optimised on Amazon?

Optimised on Amazon

In the UK, over half of all product searches begin on Amazon. The ease and speed of the e-commerce giant’s online marketplace means Amazon has a captive audience of consumers, able to compare products directly with competitors to ensure that they are getting the very best deals at the click of a button.

To this end, it is essential that brands are providing consumers with the full information required to inform, educate and persuade consumers in their buying choices. A mistake that retailers often make is believing that simply by having its products listed on Amazon will lead to a large number of sales, wrong. New Amazon sellers in particular have to work harder to start seeing results.

According to Amazon

70% of customers don’t actually scroll beyond the first page of results, therefore understanding product listing optimisation is essential for success. Unified Retail has a thorough understanding of how Amazon’s product optimisation process works as well as its complex algorithm – a series of calculations which decide the order in which products are listed. The ever-changing algorithm is highly influenced by consumer behaviour, among other factors, making it more challenging for new sellers to be noticed.

Brand Registry

Brands registered with Amazon are however given a helping hand as they are provided with additional marketing modules that can be filled with extra imagery and narrative to help promote the product’s features and benefits. To make the most of this and to boost a product’s ranking, Unified Retail identify the customers’ pain points and always begin with addressing the ‘why’ – why does a customer want to purchase this particular product, and does that come across in the narrative and imagery of the product listing?

Keyword Research

It’s essential to identify any keywords or phrases that people search for when purchasing a product of this type, or searching for your brand. These keywords then need to be built into that listing content in a streamlined way which not only sells the story but aids in Amazon algorithms locating the product in the first instance.

How To Fully Optimise Your Brand On Amazon:

Product Imagery

Images are one of the most important aspects of your Amazon listing. They are often the first thing that catch your eye so they must be clear, high-quality images on a plain white background. All images should clearly show potential customers exactly what they will receive. Poor quality, blurry or inaccurate images will all negatively impact your listing.


As visual shoppers, the inclusion of infographics on a product listing has been associated with increased conversion and higher sales. They are an eye-catching way to highlight a product’s key features as long as the information is accurate and correct.

Lifestyle Imagery

Images can be a powerful way to evoke emotion and these emotions can impact people’s thoughts, actions and even help to shape decisions. Lifestyle photography, featuring a product in use can boost conversion rates. This particular photo style supplements the visual and emotional connections which are often lacking through e-commerce as well as adding a story to your product and brand.

Enhanced Brand Content (A+ Content)

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is a specific feature that Amazon offers to enable retailers to personalise their listings further and it can make a huge difference. EBC, managed through the A+ Content Manager feature, provides the option of adding visually appealing, rich content as well as additional features such as videos.

Brand Story

Every brand should try to differentiate itself from other brands. A proven way to do this is through telling your brand’s story to increase awareness and trust as well as brand loyalty. The option to add a ‘brand story’ is an additional feature managed through A+ Content Manager and can appear alongside product descriptions.

Video Content

Videos have the ability to bring content to life as well as being a simple way to gain attention and improve the customer experience. A short video has been proven to keep the customer engaged, helping to increase the conversion rate while also showing off the product and its features more clearly. As not all retailers upload product videos, by doing so, they can also help you to gain a competitive edge.

Keyword Optimised Bullet Points

While the product title encourages the customer to click on the product listing, the bullet points are considered to be the first stage of the all-important buying decision. The bullet points must be concise to be most effective but also provide enough relevant information to encourage the buyer to stay on your listing. The optimised bullet points must also contain your relevant keywords in a natural way to boost the product ranking and help with SEO.

Keyword optimised listing title

It is worth spending time researching keywords which can then be used in your listing title. These should be incorporated in a streamline way and should be relevant to the product to increase your conversion rate.

Keyword optimised description

The product description is another opportunity to feature relevant keywords. Amazon’s limited word counts means it is important to use every opportunity to fit in your identified keywords to help boost traffic to your product pages.


Clear and user-friendly brand store front with easy to search categories – Selling on Amazon is incredibly competitive but having a well-designed store front can make your brand instantly recognisable and create a ‘home’ on Amazon. A user-friendly store front is fully customisable and allows customers to browse and shop for your products away from the main Amazon site. It can be equally beneficial for small and medium sellers to have their own store front which offers plenty of room for content, videos and conveniently groups all of your products in one place.

Once all of the above is in place, additional advertising campaigns can be a useful tool to help you appear higher in the listings. To attract new-to-brand sales, video campaigns can also help to grow sales and gain standout from the competition.

Unified Retail has the proven knowledge and expertise of Amazon marketing and advertising services to gain your brand the competitive edge, delivering results for your listings.

To discuss the support you require to grow your sales through Amazon, get in touch.

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