A+ Content on Amazon’s Detail Page

A+ Content on Amazon's Detail Page

Amazon can be highly competitive for brands as a selling platform but luckily it provides a range of tools to help with stand-out, increase conversion rates and boost sales figures. A+ Content (or enhanced marketing content) is just one of these tools and is available to all brands that are registered on Amazon. It provides sellers with more of an opportunity to showcase their products and convey their unique brand story, which can all help in the buying decision process. In fact, Amazon states that it can boost sales by an additional 3-10%, so it is definitely worth the extra effort.

A+ Content is created by selecting a series of modules that can contain text and imagery in varying formats to make a product page look more visually appealing as well as providing added content. Sellers can choose up to five modules, which provides greater opportunity to highlight product features and strengthen brand identity.

We’ve put together some top tips on how to get the most out of A+ Content for your brand.

Top Tips For Getting A+ Content on Amazon Done Right

Use a combination of text and imagery to convey the brand and product value

Images are great for gaining attention and clearly showing a product but they also need to be backed up with text to identify the product’s key features in more detail. Using a combination of the two is the best way to demonstrate the product’s value in the most visually appealing way.

Answer frequently asked questions in the content

Incorporating frequently asked questions on your product page is an alternative way to present additional product information, as well as showing you actively engaging with consumers.

Make it easy to scan

Most consumers will click on several product pages before making the decision to purchase a product, therefore they are unlikely to read a lengthy product page from top to bottom. To help maintain their attention break up the text with a combination of short paragraphs, bullet points and by using bold/italic/underlined text to highlight the main points you are trying to get across.

Include a comparison chart

Comparing products online can be more difficult than when you can actually see the items in the flesh. This is when a comparison chart is handy, especially if you have multiple products to sell from your brand. A simple comparison chart is an effective visual tool and can take the hassle away from the consumer, therefore simplify the buying decision process.

Use a module at the top of the A+ content as a banner

Creating a banner with a module across the top of your product page can help to frame the content. It will be the first thing that grabs the consumer’s eye so including your logo can often help with consumer loyalty or reflecting brand personality. A banner can also help to grow your brand recognition, both on and off Amazon.

Include important keywords that your shoppers would search by

We all know the importance of key words and the role they play in product ranking as part of Amazon’s algorithm. For this reason, it is important to research and refine the key words for your products that shoppers are searching by. Try to include as many of your key words as possible in your text. These should be used seamlessly so your content remains relevant and engaging to the consumer.

For ease keep images the same size

If you are struggling to get your head around all the various requirements for each module format, a way to simplify things is to stick to modules that have the same size image requirements. The most common image dimension is 300:300.

You don’t have to use the full character count

Although additional modules provide you with a higher character count and more text space, don’t feel you have to use it just for the sake of it. Instead, focus on the visual effect of the page and try to use short, relevant and engaging text – now isn’t the time to waffle.

One of the most important things to remember is, if you are unlikely read it so are your consumers. Make the page visually appealing and easy to read to see the best results.

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